How Exercising can shape your Mental and Physical Health.

Exercising is one of the most effective way to improve our mental and physical health. Exercising is not always about improving the body asthetics but also have a profound impact on stress management, anxiety, mental illness (like depression) and even catching a better sleep. Sure exercising can improve your physique, building muscles, trim waistline, improve your sex life but that’s not the only factors that motivates an individual to stay active. People who tend to exercise regularly have a tremendous sense of well-being, they feel more active throughout the day, they can focus more steadily, have sharper goals.

Exercise acts as a natural cure for people suffering from depression,anxiety or are under constant stress. Exercising increases concentration of chemicals like norepinephrine(stress hormone) in our body which can moderate our brain’s response to stress management. Running on the treadmill and doing cardio workout is a very effective way to reduce the fear of anxiety of an individual, cardio workout increases the aerobic flow in our body which in turn helps relax muscle tension, stress and anxiety. Various studies have also indicated that cardiovascular exercises stimulates the production of new brain cells, overall increasing our ability to think and improve decision making. Exercising also helps control Substance Abuse like drugs and alcohol, periodic exercising sessions can effectively distract one from drugs and alcohol. Most people who are into Drugs and Alcohol abuse are often complaining that they can’t fall asleep without consuming alcohol, this can be reduced by exercising as it helps reboot our body clock, helping one to hit the bed on time.

Yes, this is true that us being mere college students its quite unlikely for us to add workout sessions to our regular time schedule as we are constantly under pressure say it being studies, DEADLINES, our careers or even be in relationship issues. This all makes up for a huge mess inside our head, so if a little running in week can help account for all this; then why not try it for ourselves.

Overall we can conclude that exercising regularly helps an individual to improve its mental health, greatly increasing one’s self confidence to face the challenges of life, instill a positive self- image and improve self-esteem. Huh, and we all thought that workout is all about sweating and rigorous body building. So start doing exercise and also inspire others, even 1hr a week is enough and make for a good well being, or may even add days to your life.


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